Root Canal Treatment

Dental infections are painful and could lead to major oral health and general wellness issues without prompt treatment.

Endodontic therapy removes infected tissue, preventing tooth loss and the spread of infection.

Dr. Steven K. Rubisch and the Avenue B Dental Group team in Yuma, AZ, can perform a root canal and restore your tooth in just one visit...

About Dental Infections

Within every tooth is soft tissue called dental pulp. Severe cavities or fractures to a tooth allow bacteria to access the pulp chamber, which includes the root canals (the inner portions of the tooth roots). When pulp becomes infected, it can lead to severe pain, formation of an abscess, and the spread of infection to other nearby tissues.
An illustration of a root canal infection

Signs You Need Treatment

Be mindful of these common symptoms of a dental infection, and get in touch with Dr. Rubisch if they occur. Undergoing treatment as soon as possible is essential to avoiding the loss of a tooth and other issues.

Serious Toothache

Persistent toothaches are often a sign that it's time to consult a dentist. With root canal infections, the pain can range from mild to excruciating.


Infected teeth are especially sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. You may also notice some sensitivity when biting and chewing certain foods.

Swelling of the Gums or Face

The gum tissue around an infected tooth will typically become swollen, tender, and discolored. Swelling may spread to the face and neck as well.

Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Infected tissue tends to give off an unpleasant taste that lingers within your mouth. Persistent bad breath can also be a common sign of infection. Seeing pus or oddly colored discharge around one or more teeth is another sign that you may be experiencing a dental infection.

The Root Canal Procedure What to Expect During Treatment

Root canal treatment typically takes around 45 minutes. Prior to performing endodontic therapy at our Yuma office, we provide patients with a full explanation of the root canal treatment process. Here is a step-by-step overview of the procedure:

Day of Procedure

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic reduces discomfort during treatment. If a patient suffers from anxiety, sedation can be used to achieve a relaxed state.

Accessing the Pulp Chamber

Once a dental dam is placed to isolate the infected tooth, the dentist drills a small hole into the tooth in order to access the pulp chamber.

Removing Diseased Pulp

All tissue is removed from the pulp chamber and root canals using motorized nickel titanium files. These files are much stronger and more flexible than the previous files, allowing safer and more efficient treatment. 

Cleaning the Pulp Chamber

The emptied chamber is cleaned and sterilized. 

Filling the Pulp Chamber

The pulp chamber is filled with an inert latex-based material for support.

Placing a Crown

After the tooth is sealed, a custom dental crown may be necessary to support the remaining structure. We can create and place a dental crown during this same appointment.

A Dentist Who Cares About You Protecting Oral Health in Yuma, AZ


Carol McNickols


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Let me start this by saying I have severe anxiety attacks/panic attacks just entering the dentist office. I avoid dentists at all costs. Unfortunately after 12-14 years I had to go. I was so impressed! This is the dental office to go to. Anyone that can deal with my anxiety attacks and still not get upset with me is fantastic. Everyone from the dentist to the receptionist is exceptional. Give them a chance you will love them!

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Marlene Hernandez


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Definitely have been recommending everyone to this dentist. Staff has been amazing with scheduling my appts at a timely manner and that are not 3 months out. And definitely has patience with me having my newborn around while they do work on me. Ave B Dental has been an amazing experience for me. Staff also knows what they are doing when it comes to looking up insurance for new members.

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The Cost of a Root Canal

A root canal procedure can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500 depending on the tooth being treated, the material used to make the crown, and other factors. Fortunately, most insurance plans will contribute to at least a portion of the procedure. Our staff can help you explore financing options if you are uninsured or have substantial out-of-pocket costs remaining.

Dr. Steven K. Roubisch

Avenue B Dental Group

Dr. Steven K. Rubisch has been practicing since 1984 and holds several distinctions, including:

  • Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD)
  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Recognized with the AGD's prestigious Fellowship award
  • Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists

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